Lourdes Monteiro - in my head

Submitted by Dirk Engelage on Mon, 11/14/2022 - 20:00

Lourdes Monteiro - inmyhead

© Lourdes Monteiro
© Dirk Engelage


She's in my head
like so much more.

And even when
I close my eyes
she's there.

Although my days
are void of her
as are my nights,
much to my misery,

my dreams and thoughts
are full of her
and no way
get I rid of her.

Her voice, her scent,
her tempting nudity,
where I could hide,
forget myself

still there.

How hard I cry,
how loud I curse,
how much I drink
or numb myself
with drugs

she's there,
and as it seems
much more alive
than when she was