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Bert Timmer Art


There is more than enough misery in the world already. Therefore, here is an important counterbalance! To those who can see it, the world is still full of beauty. Beauty that invites you to open your eyes, ears, nose, all your senses and let it touch you. Much of that beauty is not found in museums or concert halls and that type of 'cultural temples'. But definitely worth letting it touch you and be enriched by it.  
Here you will find a large collection of images that have touched me. And as it goes, have encouraged me to write a poem. Although I prefer to call it verses, songs, or; proetry *.

Images, works of art by now more than two hundred (240+ !) artists from across the world. You can search the site using the search field in the header. The lyrics inspired by that work (over 2200 by now!) are playful, philosophical, musing, sensitive, vulnerable ... very different in content. See for yourself if there is something in here for you. And enjoy what can be found here. Much of the content is in Dutch, although quite a bit in English too. A few in German or French and some in a mixture of languages.  
In order to keep things manageable I decided not to create a multi-language site. Translation is always possible by using Google Translate or some other translation extension to your browser.

The menu above seems to be clear enough to find your way across the site. Most banners on the pages are clickable. See where it leads you and it will soon become clear, I’m sure. Comments or suggestions can be sent by mail.

* proetry, a mixture of prose and poetry; narrative poetry so to say …

My motto: 'People are far too interesting to pass by without a thought ...'